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Francesca Fusco, the famous dermatologist says, “…gorgeous hair is born out of healthy roots.” While skincare is a much talked of topic in the niche of natural beauty and health, not much is discussed about the importance of scalp care. Now, what’s that? Scalp care is just another word for skin care for the hair. To put it more simply, to get those lustrous strands of hair, you have to regularly nourish the skin of your head, i.e. the scalp, which has the roots of the hair. The health principles that apply to skin equally apply for the scalp. Just like skipping the skincare routine can cause skin issues, the same can happen if the scalp remains malnourished. Moreover, going wrong with haircare can cost you your beautiful hair.

Scalp nourishing tips

Just like the facial skin needs exfoliation, so does the scalp. Francesca Fusco’s natural scalp exfoliation recipe is to mix sugar in the shampoo and work it up on the scalp with the fingers to remove the dead skin cells. Today probiotics are the latest formula in regulating the microflora of the scalp and boosting hair growth. Probiotics strengthen the scalp by increasing skin immunity, hydrate it, and has anti-inflammatory effects. A homemade probiotic hair wash can easily be made with probiotic powder or kefir lime water.

The probiotics can also be incorporated into the diet in the form of kefir lime and yogurt along with foods enriched with omega-3 and fish oils which help retain the scalp moisture. And just like the skin on our body and face needs to be blocked from the harmful UV rays of the sun, so does the skin on our head. Applying some powdered sunscreen or a spf50 lotion mixed with water does the trick in protecting the scalp and the hair.

How not to go wrong

People often talk about skincare mistakes that can be avoided. For example, not exfoliating the facial skin or just doing it wrong. Or maybe, applying sunscreen on the face but not bothering to add some on the neck which is often exposed to the sun. But what many forget about is the skin on the head from where grows our hair.

Patrick Melville, the celeb hairstylist advocates regular nourishment of the hair for its shine and silkiness but advises against over cleansing the hair and scalp which can strip the hair of its natural oils and render it dry. He says, “instead of shampooing the hair daily, it is wiser to moisten the hair with warm water, comb massage some conditioner, and rinse it through.” This cleans and moisturizes the hair, helping to retain the color longer. But that shouldn’t discourage one from shampooing the hair from time to time. Otherwise the dirt built-up on the scalp with stagnate the healthy growth of hair.

Contrary to the old wives tales, keeping the scalp greasy is really not a necessity as the scalp has its own natural oils to keep it moistened. However, massaging some light oils onto the scalp like pure coconut oil, grape seed oil, and jojoba oil can leave their antibacterial properties on the scalp, doing it overall good. Sometimes, detangling the hair wrongly can damage the hair. The scalp and hair should ideally be moistened with a deep conditioner and de-tangled.

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