By Sarie Robertson
“Black is beautiful.” It’s a celebrated saying that many people use to describe the African American race. Although persons of African descent have been oppressed in past times, the concept of dark skin being beautiful has managed to triumph over negativity. While the majority of African Americans take pride in their culture, some try to escape it through blonde hair dye.

Although it is not a proven fact that African American women dye their hair blonde to
escape blackness, it is a concept to consider. Various studies have shown that blonde
coloring is brutal on dark hair. Naturally black hair is detrimentally shocked when
light colors are applied. Blonde dye causes breakage and loss to thousands of African
American women every year. However, some black ladies choose to use the color being fully aware of its negative effects.

Why is this so? Could it be that despite all of the Black Power and Civil Rights Movements black women still feel inferior to White women? Maybe so. While there is no concrete evidence available to prove such concept, we do know that blonde hair and
blue eyes are associated with whiteness. Maybe some black women’s choice to go blonde is an attempt to be inducted into the culture of whiteness that is sometimes favored over colorful ethnic backgrounds.

The reasons behind African American women going blonde are vast. Whereas some women choose the color to exhibit their personality in a unique manner, others have special ulterior motives in mind when making the decision to blonde it out. Although
many black women are proud to be of African descent, some women are not happy about their ancestry. For such women, blonde dye is an escape door and not just a new color to wear.

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