Weaves are a common among all ethnic backgrounds. But, why are some black women still obsessed about wearing weaves?

They Don’t Know How to Take Care of their Own Hair

It is not their fault that many women in this day and age still do not know how to manage their kinky hair. Only in recent years women have been working harder and harder to learn about their curls.  Since slavery some women went through great lengths straightening their hair to be comparable to their white counterparts. However, with all the women documenting their natural hair growth from nothing to close to 2 feet, I think there are no excuses for some women. Unless it is a protective hair style, some weaving styles can damage your hair.

Men Like It

This may or may not be true for some men, but from personal experience, all my mates preferred the straighter look. They ‘liked’ the curls but they stated ‘your hair is done’ after straightening it after wearing it curls for a few days.  Straight hair does look tame in Corporate America, but times are changing. Curly hair is slowly becoming a mainstream style especially since many more black women are accepting their natural hair.  Men will see this change and start accepting and appreciating the natural hair as countless black women have.


Do black women still want to be accepted in today’s society? Yes! Being scared to display their roots are still hovering over many women who are just scared of not being accepted in work, school, or even among friends.  Even though many will love it, some still consider it unruly. If this happens, try befriending more natural hair friends for support.

It Looks Better

With oval, square, oblong, and diamond face structures, it has been said that straighter hair frames the face better and is more attractive than curly hair. The truth is anything natural looks better regardless of the face structure.  Confidence in your natural look is the key.

Saves Time

Another reason black women choose to wear weaves is because it is more manageable and saves time. Celebrities like Tyra Banks and Beyonce knows this best.  With hectic schedules and traveling, many black women just don’t have the time nor the patience to maintain their hair which can require hours in a day.


Straight hair seems to still be the style. But, not for long ;). Until we see more curly natural hair on the covers of magazines, fashion shows, and other media outlets, the followers will continue to copy what is out there, which is straight hair.

Protective Hairstyle

Some weaves can actually help  hair grow longer and thicker. A good protective weave or wig can give the hair a break. That break is often all that is needed to promote healthy and growing hair especially if you like to dye, perm, and other chemicals.


Either it be Aloepica Traction, cancer, or aging, men and women tend to face these balding issues.  Weaves and wigs are the solution that prevents starry eyed people. Hair is the norm in some societies thus adding pieces can prevent insecurities.



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