Hair is unique in all forms. While some hair is thin with waves, other hair is coarse and patchy. Since it varies by texture, there is no defined way of caring for ethnic hair. Curly hair is known to have various hair forms and methods of care. Women can spend over $100 on hair care and shop for products at least two times per month. Once they find the right product, they tend to remain loyal to the brand until it is no longer available. Although loyalty is important, curly haired women should know when it is time to switch brands. So, when do you switch hair products?

There is no doubt that you should definitely switch products when your hair begins to fall out. While daily shedding is inevitable, large patches of missing hair is unacceptable. Among other things, hair loss is a sign of using chemicals that are too strong for the roots. Depending on lineage and texture, your hair may not be capable of withstanding a strong permanent or products with a lot of alcohol. It is important to know the ingredients before purchasing the product and eliminate a brand when your hair begins to fall out in large balls.

Aside from hair loss, you should also consider switching hair products when irritation occurs. Although some redness and itching happens when you switch to a new brand, daily irritation is not normal. It is time to replace the product when you are constantly scratching and your scalp is fiery red.

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