Did you know that your hair has its own identity or shall we say FLAVOR? Well it does! There are 5 main spices that create your hair’s unique flavor- Porosity, Elasticity, Density, Texture, and Curl Pattern. Overall your hair flavor can be Healthy, Damaged Goods, or Needs Improvement.

Now you are probably wondering why your hair identity matters, or better yet, why even bother finding out?  It’s super important because it’s the foundation to gorgeous vibrant hair!  Don’t you want to know which hair products to use, the proper regimes, and hair styles that are best for your hair?

Tune in to the HAIR FLAVOR SERIES!  With each spice explained, you’ll know the overall condition of your hair. Get ready for the 1st part of the HAIR FLAVOR SERIES….

Spice #1: Porosity

Spice #3: Elasticity

Spice #3: Density

Spice #4: Texture

Spice #5: Curl Pattern

Get excited; you are on your way to healthy hair. You go girl!

Tiffani Davis, founder of the Natural Hair Guru, is an enthusiastic hair lover who has even been described as a total hair geek!  Being intrigued with hair ever since she was rocking pigtails, she is ever so eager to help any and everyone on their hair journey. Tiffani aims to help people show off their true potential with Amazing, Vibrant Hair for as she says “There’s gorgeousness in every hair strand, the trick is to unlock it; I have the key.”

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