As one of the few well-informed naturals within my close circle of family and friends, I get so many hair related questions you’d think I’d gone to hair school. There are a wide range of issues that arise when it comes to ethnic hair because our hair is so diverse from its texture to its chemistry to the products that work (or don’t work) for us.

One of the issues that seems to come up the most in “hairversation” is that of… DUN DUN DUN DUNNNN…

What You Need To Know To Combat An Itchy Scalp

I’ve had my bouts with it though it was most often it was due to the alkaline coating on synthetic hair. But over the course of about the past five months I have noticed my scalp becoming increasingly irritated. I had begun scratching my scalp fiercely to the point that I was puncturing the skin. Not a good feeling – AT ALL.

In my preliminary research of the scalp, I read that apple cider vinegar was good for restoring the scalp and hair pH balance, thus reducing if not completely getting rid of itchiness. So I tried it a couple times. And though it did seem to relieve the intense irritation for a small amount of time, the effects were not long-lasting.

I did more research to understand the reasons behind itchy scalp and found seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema are the most common causes. The former, seborrheich dermatitis, is a reaction of inflammatory skin which causes white or yellowish flakes to form where the skin is very oily. Psoriasis is a similar disorder which causes redness as well as flaky patches most commonly known as scales. And lastly, eczema is inflammation of the epidermis is characterized by swelling, oozing, itching, dryness, bleeding, etc.

In gathering this info I was able to conclude that all of the above were not reasons for my itchy scalp because I had none of the prominent symptoms. I figured that perhaps it had something to do with the very bipolar weather we have been having, as the change in seasons does sometimes affect the skin in adverse ways. But March rolled around and I still hadn’t found any real relief so I chose to believe that body chemistry was changing so the products I had been using before just were not working anymore. I went on a quest and since I had begun the transition to living a completely all-natural lifestyle I started looking for all-natural remedies for itchy scalp and to my surprise there were TONS including the following:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Which as I stated before is excellent for restoring the PH balance of hair and scalp. It is also a great clarifier, removing dirt, oil and hair product buildup.

Aloe Vera Juice

Another natural PH balance remedy with amazing healing properties for the skin on burns, scars and rashes. Aloe vera juice is also known for its very effective hydration of skin and hair.

Olive oil

Olive Oil has been known as a therapeutic healing oil for skin and hair when applied/massaged directly onto problem areas. (Test this on your scalp first though. With certain body chemistries, olive oil can cause a horrible odor).

Chamomile Tea

It’s healing properties will sooth the scalp and heal any irritations when boiled and cooled and applied topically.

Over the next few weeks, I will be trying out a few of these and others to see how they work for my scalp because not only are these products affordable but they also are rumored to yield great results for a small amount.

What natural remedies have you used to clear up an itchy scalp? What products worked? Which didn’t? Stay tuned.

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