By: Tiffany Coates and Edited By: Natasha John

There are two types of business owner’s the ones that own and the ones that run.

What a Beauty Artist looks for in a Salon Owner

I’ve been in the hair beauty business for 13 years. In that time, I’ve come a cross beautiful professional looking salons. However the outside haven’t always matched the inside, the core of the salon, the owners/managers have not always been very professional on many levels. This has been discerning. I salute all women that work hard to get to where they are, however we as artist look for a salon home with stability and growth.

Nice Establishment

When an artist comes into a salon, the first thing we look for; is a well kept working environment. We would like our clients to feel comfortable while being serviced, for example; no rodents running across your client’s feet and no dirty cluttered sinks. The salon should always be well kept and tidy. Each beautician in the salon has a responsibility to keep their station’s clean, as well as other areas where there clients are using to be serviced.  Also, dishonesty in the work place is unacceptable at all times; meaning, not cleaning up after your serviced clients and leaving that responsibility for your fellow co-workers. Furthermore, owners/managers have a business obligation to attend to the maintenance of the salon, not the beauticians. Such as: making sure that the heavier cleaning of the salon is done, dusting, moping and keeping up with electrical maintenance, supplies, product and equipment maintenance is in order as well. With a combined relationship, the overall work place will always be well kept and professional for regular and new clients. This makes a happier environment for everyone involved.

Attitude and Energy of the Salon

Having a good attitude and energy in a salon makes for a positive feeling in that establishment, both for the workers and for the clients. When there isn’t appropriate communication between artist, owner and or manager their will always be conflict. That leaves for an unhappy work place and not a very nice environment to come into. When you walk into a salon your initial feelings should be welcoming.  If the employer and or employees are not friendly or approachable it makes for an unhappy, uncomfortable place. If you the owner/manager have an unpleasant attitude, that certainly would set the tone for that establishment and everyone in it. That is a formula for bad business. This behavior scares away good clientele, and most of all good beauticians.

Management Skills

Being able to connect with your employees and clients is part of the essence of a salon. Unfortunately, sometimes owners may have personality insecurities, which can be unfavorable with others that you work with. If this is the case, it must be worked upon. Having someone more outgoing and personable to meet and greet the clients on arrival into the salon is more comforting, which can promote more business.

Know Your Business/Professional Salon:

I’ve been to many salons in New York, and to my demise, not one of them were able to give an employee package that contains the establishment’s rules and regulations, salary, tax information, advertisement, an application or requirements of salon classes. This is an essential part of running a professional business.
Proper management makes for a successful business. Having this piece of vital information package for prospect employees and current employees as well can greatly improve the employer and employee relationships.

Business Success

If you have a winning staff, it’s important to nurture and encourage them and not tear them down. Having the occasional class can be very helpful as well. Having occasional staff meetings helps promote communication between employer and employee, it stimulates good ideas to increase business and moral in the work place. Having your employees feel as part of the team shows great appreciation for them, this then creates a happier employee, clientele and a good environment overall.

Personal Note

The people I’ve looked up to have taught me many valuable teachings and some disappointments. Having traveled to many salons, I’ve picked up many lessons that I can now share, with other artist with similar concerns that I have had in this business.

I received some advice a few years ago; from a professional in this business. I was told, when looking for a salon home, to go in as a client and you will get a better feel of what you’re looking for in a new salon home.

By: Tiffany Coates
Edited: Natasha John

MY Passion and talent for styling hair runs in my family. My grandmother was the first deaf woman to receive a license at apex Academy in the 80’s. As a little girl my baby sister Nicole and I used to do hair for our friends and family. Nicole made the first step to Jon Lewis Beauty School and two months later I joined her. I received my cosmetology license in 1999 from Hair Design. I knew styling was my dream career. After entering the industry I experienced all the aspects of this career including the ups and down from salon to salon. As hard and discouraging as the industry could be, I didn’t let anything stop me.

Through my travels I met people that inspired me and exposed me to more of the Beauty industry. I started doing photo shoots and have been featured in Black Passion, Hype Hair and Style Q & today’s black woman style report magazine. I’ve come a long way from childhood days using my father as a guinea pig, God rest his soul. As a freelance artist I want to work with creative professionals and open my own business. My goal is to grace movies and magazines, touching as many people as I can with my winning personality and creative skills which include: Natural Hair styling (braids, locks, twists), Weaves (sewn extensions, partial, net, closer, wig caps), Relaxers, Cuts (short, mid-length, long, layers, bobs, razor cuts) Color (permanent, semi-permanent, rinses) Sets (rollers, straw rods) and Up Do’s (pony tails, wedding styles).
I have been blessed with a supportive family that has stood strong and carried me through everything. I am grateful to have worked with women of many colors and textures. My customers are treated with respect and care, like sisters, and I do quality work to bring out the beauty in everyone I touch. I intend to take my career further and expand on everything I’ve worked so hard for up to this day. Today I’m a independent Beauty artist .

Contact 718-221-4218 or 347-263-1903


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