Since black women has become more and more open about their hair weaves/wigs, black men has been on the sidelines either praising, hating, or just neutral.

VS+ asked white men what they thought about weaves, and majority didn’t care. But, when black men were asked about weaves and wigs, we got a whole different ‘never ending’ story.

40% They don’t like it. Despise fake hair. They think it’s disgusting. It looks like a rat on top of a women’s head. They would prefer to date someone with real hair.

For some reason, I think this is a lie.  If  Beyonce walked through the door, it would be a different story.

40% – They don’t care, as long as it looks good.

20% – Random answers

I am going to redo this poll, because I think I a lot of men are lying to us or to themselves…smh

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  1. k farmer

    so a man s skin color determines his value very interesting and stupid at the same time. i dont like weaves they are fake as hell do women like men with fake hair. a lot of guys laugh at weaves but its not a deal breaker it just speaks to womens insecurities

  2. Vissa Studios Team

    Just because they tolerate it does not mean they like it. And yes, the men we asked said they did not like weaves. Even though they love their women, the weaves were something they rather not see.


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