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Hair extensions and Weaves have been used since the beginning of time to add everything from length to volume to color, in hair.

Before you run out to get a weave, you should weigh the same options as with any other hairstyle.

How much maintenance can I handle?
How much time can I sit?
What is the look I am looking to achieve?
How much am I willing to spend?
What condition is my hair in now?
How long am I keeping this in?
Why am I doing this?

After you have weighed these options, you probably have a hairstyle in mind, if not; choose the type of hair you wish to work with.

Hair comes either on the weft (also called track) or strand by strand.

Wefted Hair can be applied to hair in many ways. The hair can be sewn to cornrows in the head, glued to the scalp, or taped to the scalp. In the rubber band weaving method, the hair is sewn to actual hair drawn into a ponytail with a rubber band and/or thread.

Individual sections or strand by strand hair can be attached to the head only by fusion methods. A glue gun or beam device is used to bond hair to the hair root, or a special tool is used along with a small metal/silicone piece to connect hair.

Weave Terms

Full Head – All of the hair is braided (edges may/may not be left out) and the weave is sewn to the braids. Depending on the style, some hair may be left out at the top or crown.

Bonded – Hair is glued or taped to the scalp.

Lace Weave – The hair is braided, and the weave is sewn to the braids. A lace frontal or a section of a lace wig is used as the closure, giving the illusion of a natural hairline.

Net Weave – The hair is braided and a net is sewn to the braids. Hair is then glued or sewn to the net.

Spot Weave – Hair is braided in sections of the hair, with unweaved hair left in between. Hair is then glued or sewn to the braids.

Quick Weave – Hair is gelled down and allowed to dry. Weave is then glued to the dry hair, or a cap may be added for protection.

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