Get Semi Permanent Curls For HairIf you have straight hair, there are some top ways to get semi permanent curls for hair. Don’t despair over your inability to sport a head full of curly locks.

Below are some steps you can take to get fashionable curls and ringlets, whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary curly style.

Get a Perm

One of the top ways to have straight hair to hold a curl is to get a curly permthat is designed for curling the hair. This is a longer term solution, but if when you tire of wearing the perm, allow the hair to grow out. Have a professional hair stylist in your area to apply the perm. A professional will help you get the desired curl you are looking for by applying a product for loose, medium or tight curls.

Here is a Before and After

Use a Curling Iron

It is possible to get lasting curls with a curling iron. Start with clean hair, but do not over condition the hair. Use only half the amount of conditioner you usually apply. After rinsing and towel drying the hair, apply a root lifting product to the roots, but not to the rest of the hair. Spray the remaining hair with a thickener and blow dry. Once the hair is dry, curl with a hot curling iron. It may be necessary to pin the finished curls in place while curling the rest of the hair. Comb our the curls very lightly or run the fingers through the hair to loosen curls as desired. Spray with a light hair spray.

Get The Look

Roller Set the Hair

Apply setting gel or a mousse to sections of clean hair from roots to ends. Roller set the hair and allow to dry while sleeping, or sit under a hairdryer just long enough to dry the hair. Avoid staying under the dryer too long, which can over dry the hair. When hair is dry, remove rollers and style, being careful that you do not comb the hair too hard and cause the curls to fall.

Learn The Tricks

Say goodbye to bone straight hair. Using one of these top ways to get semi permanent curls for hair.

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