Tyra Banks shocked the world in 2009 by revealing her crown and glory, her real hair.

Even though she goes back and forth with lace wigs, I am really happy she took a break from her weaves.

I remember her mentioning that she loves her natural hair, but it will break off if she doesn’t maintain it and/or protect it. And that allows time.

Tyra is a woman on the move. She doesn’t have the luxury to spend the time at the salons for weekly treatments on her natural locks. ┬áPlus, her hair grows longer and healthy when she leaves it braided and protected.

Like Beyonce, they love their blondes and long lengths. That equals death to black hair if actually processed. So, lace wigs is a great protective hair method. You get the look while protecting the natural hair.

Take a look at her natural tresses:

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  1. Robert Thompson

    I love the photo of Tyra’s natural hair. She is so beautiful and is my favorite model of all time. I love Tyra Banks so much.

  2. Vissa Studios

    I love it as well. I am happy she did it. She showed everyone that she doesn’t need a weave to define her beauty! Thanks for showing everyone.


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