Braiding has been a traditional hairstyle which is ideal for shoulder length hair or longer. It ranges from simple to very complicated weaving style.

Here are the braiding styles which are still very popular and widely used at present.

English Braid
This is considered as the simplest braid type. The hair is divided into 3 sections and the braid begins in the nape of the neck. It is just a simple left-over-middle and right-over-middle formation and when the end is reached it will be tied with elastic rubber.

French Braid

The braiding starts at the forehead’s hairline and as the braid goes down the back of the head, the hair strands at the sides of the head are incorporated in the plaits.

Dutch Braid

This appears to be an inverted section of French braid because the left-over-middle and right-over-middle actions in braiding become left-under-middle and right-under-middle respectively. Like French braid, the hair at both sides of the head are still used.

Swiss Braid or Heidi Braid

In making this braid pattern, the hair is divided into two sections. Each of the hair sections are separately braided starting from the nape of the neck. When done, they are brought up around the head, pinned to hold and as a result it appears to be like a crown in the head.

Rope Braid

The hair is in ponytail and is divided into two segments. Each parted sections are twisted clockwise just as like how the rope is twisted. The, after both are twisted, the right section will be wrapped counter clockwise too over the left segment until it reached the. As a result, the braiding style looks like a rope.

Multi-Strand Braid

The number of strands used in multi-strand braid hairstyle ranges from five to nine. The complicated hairstyle should be done with a lot of patience, since it is hard to keep the hairdo neat. The technique used to make multi-strand braid is the simple left-over-middle and right-over-middle.

Fishbone Braid/Herringbone Braid

The hair is divided into two sections and form the braid by bringing tiny sections from one half of the hair to the other.

Lace Braid

the braid is done just like the French pattern but it gathers hair only from one side as it moves down the head.

Any of the above braiding styles gives accent to ones hair. Learning each of the types can be easy depending on your interest and willingness to learn the different patterns.

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