how to make straight hair fullerThin, straight hair is generally easy to manage – it shampoos easily and rinses quickly. Unfortunately, it also tends to fall flat and limp. To fix the lifeless look, here are tricks on how to make straight hair fuller:

Get the right haircut
The best cut for thin straight hair is often a short cut. The classic bob, popularized by fashion icons such as Jackie O and Anna Wintour, can add much-needed volume to flat tresses. The choppy bob with its irregular layers can work well whether straight, shaggy, tousled or curled.

For those who prefer a longer cut, a shoulder-length angled cut also works well to keep the tresses looking full. Think Suzanne Somers and Jaclyn Smith.

Use the right haircare products
Once you have the right cut, the next step is to find the right shampoo and conditioner the gives hair the volume it needs. Look for shampoos with body-building ingredients such as keratin like Lanza Volume Formula Body-Building Shampoo or collagen like Organix Thick and Full Collagen Shampoo. Some shampoos may also offer a solution with ingredients such as polyquarternarium-10, niacin, wheat protein and silicone polymers. A good example with these ingredients include Ted Gibson Daily Cleanse Shampoo. These products adhere to the strands and make hair appear thicker.

Choose a light conditioner like Pureology Hydrate Light Conditioner to prime the hair. Heavy conditioners only make hair flat.

Note: Volumizing shampoos are great for keeping your locks looking fuller and healthier but the ingredients they contain can lead to product build-up. To prevent this, use a shampoo that removes build-up once every two weeks or so. This will lighten up the load on hair strands and make them more receptive to other treatments.

Apply styling products
Styling gels, mousses and sprays are great for giving thin, straight tresses more body. Look for products with a light to medium hold to keep strands soft and natural-looking. A great example is Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light Hair Spray.

To use the hair spray, just lift hair and spray at the roots when styling. Next, scrunch the hair as you lift it at the roots. Allow to air-dry without combing or brushing. Alternatively, use a blow dryer attached to a diffuser. Starting at the nape, blow dry the hair from the roots to the tips. Flip and style.

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