The twist out is a super gorgeous hair style that fits every occasion.  You can wear it to work, glam it up for a cocktail affair, or just rock it to a concert.  Sadly many people can’t rock that perfect twist out because they are missing a few key steps.  Let me give you the keys; time to unlock your perfect twist out!

  • Start off with clean, wet or damp hair
  • Thoroughly moisturize hair.  It is important that your hair is well moisturized because your twist out will lack shine when it is complete.
  • Proportion the twists to the size you want your definition to be.  The best twist outs come from flat twist (basically the same as cornrows, except it is twists instead of braids).

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  • Use a defining pudding or setting foam as you are twisting your wet or damp hair.  This will best define the twists, sealing in the bends.
  • Sit under the hair dryer until hair is completely dry.  This is very important: your hair must be completely dry before unraveling the twists.
  • For the best results leave the twists in for a couple of days.  Some of the best twist outs have come from leaving the twists in for 1 – 2 days.
  • Use a small amount of moisturizer or oil as you unravel your twists.  This will give your hair a light glossy finish.
*You can use foam rollers to keep the ends from unraveling.

Simply follow the above methods and you’re on your way home to a perfect twist out.  The best news is…the older your hair gets the better your twist out looks!

Which perfect twist out is your favorite!?

Tiffani Davis
Tiffani Davis, founder of the Natural Hair Guru, is an enthusiastic hair lover who has even been described as a total hair geek! Intrigued with hair ever since she was rocking pigtails, she is ever so eager to help any and everyone on their hair journey. Tiffani aims to help people show off their true potential with amazing, vibrant hair for as she says “There’s gorgeousness in every hair strand, the trick is to unlock it; I have the key.” Visit the Natural Hair Guru Facebook page or contact her at

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