Women with weaves know that at times, without proper care or quality, the hair can shred and cause a mess of lost strands wherever you go. When it comes to your carpet and clothes, it can be embarrassing and unsightly to have random pieces of weave “accessorizing” your life! Fortunately, there are solutions, many of which are very similar to what you would do if you grew long natural locks on your head – only to find some of them suddenly on the ground.

To remove weave strands from your carpet, stay away from the vacuum. Weaves will ruin your roller heads, which will leave you with not only an ugly floor, but an ugly debt to replace your vacuum as well. Instead, use a rubber broom. With it you can sweep on almost any surface, and it is especially good at gripping onto hair strands worked into carpet. Hair salons use these brooms often, and you should use short, repetitive strokes to get the hair out completely.

To remove hair from clothes, you may be tempted to just throw your coat or other apparel items in the washing machine. However, just as is the problem with the vacuum, hair can clog up and break your washing machine. Instead, rub a dryer sheet over the fabric where the hair is stuck. Then you can use a pet hair roller to go across the fabric. If there is still traces of weave shreds worked into the material, send your items to a dry cleaner, who can professionally remove them and save the clothes unnecessary damage.

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