Only the best electric curlers for super straight hair will actually have a lasting effect. So, it is imperativeto find solutions that are effective, affordable and, somewhat convenient to use at home, since most of us do not have the time or the money to visit salons every day. That said, observe some of the top electric curlers that will transform your look in less than 30 minutes.

Hot Tools Professional Ionic Hairsetter With 20 Flocked Rollers – Model No. HTS1401.
This is actually a modern set of rollers and more particularly, hot rollers, all of which line up in their own container. The container, or device, is plugged in to heat the rollers of different sizes. This gives you the opportunity to change up the look whenever you want, with tighter curls one day, and soft waves on another. Customers love it and it has actually earned the Best of Beauty Award in the year 2010. This alone should give you confidence in the product, meaning it delivers on its promise.

Instyler TopStyler, is yet another form of electric curlers, which uses ceramic shells to curl and add volume.
The set comes with 10 large and small shells made of 100% ceramic. Amazingly, the curlers heat up within 6 minutes or so, ready to style your hair. The interesting thing about the shells is that they are easy to use. It is a matter of wrapping some strands around your finger and clipping it with a shell. The result is beautiful curls in about 20 minutes and they are better for your hair than other products. This set has also won the the Best of Beauty award as above, but in the year 2011.

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