Soybean Oil is not just for cooking!
The soybean has become famous in the cooking world for its ability to provide elegant taste while serving as a healthy treat. In fact, many hair stylists and specialists suggest using the oil for growth and root strengthening.

Moisture is one of the central benefits that soybean oil offers its user. The Omega Three fats found in the substance lubricate and strengthen roots to the extent of bringing dehydrated hair back to life. Individuals who use the oil twice per week are bound to see positive results. Although soybeans can serve as a deep conditioner to damaged hair only a small amount in needed to moisturize hair; another benefit of the oil.

In addition to moisture, soybean oil strengthens hair. Although dense in nature, soybeans have a substantial amount of protein. Hair is basically made of protein and responds positively to more being added from outside sources. Soybean oil can essentially improve the health of hair without the pesticides and chemicals found in other products.

Soybean Oil Hair Mask All Natural Hair Recipe

1/2 Cup soybean oil
1/2 Cup Water
2 tbsp Emulsifying wax beads
2 botanical extract powder


  • Add the soybean oil to a mixing bowl with the distilled water. Microwave the bowl on high for three minutes.
  • Add the emulsifying wax beads to the other bowl. These beads are absolutely necessary in creating an emulsion for a creamy hair rinse. Microwave the bowl for two to three minutes.
  • Pour the melted wax into the bowl of hot water and oil. Begin mixing immediately as it turns into a white, frothy solution.
  • Add the botanical extract powder.
  • Mix the solution in a rapid motion for five continuous minutes. Pour it into a lotion or hair conditioner bottle of 12 ounces or more. Leave the top off until it cools to room temperature and then close it.
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