What Is Texlaxing

Texlaxing basically involves mixing your relaxer with a conditioner or oil to make the relaxer a bit milder. The amount you put in depends on how mild you want it. Learn how to texlax here.  The aim is to slow down the effects and processing time of the relaxer. The mixture is therefore applied to the hair for less than the recommended time, leaving you with more time to work with your hair but at the same leaving the hair under processed.

The Benefits of a Texlax

One of the main benefits of a texlax is the fact that you can maintain that curly appearance and texture that results less hair thinning. It also means less shrinkage and tangling because the hair is not completely natural.

A texlax can save your hair from breaking because the chemical used is mixed with oil and conditioner. Besides allowing you to retain the natural curl texture and appearance, texlaxing helps your hair to straighten with ease whenever you decide to go straight. The length and thickness is also retained whilst at the same time the hair remains strong.

Texlax is one of the best ways to protect your relaxed hair from breakages as well as maintaining that curly and natural look. At the end of the day, you want to relax your hair in a way that suits your circumstances and lifestyle.

Youtube naturalstylista provides a little bit more insight on texlaxing. 

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