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Just because you are without harsh chemicals does not mean you are without style or styling options. The afro, although it is gorgeous, is not your only styling option. When it comes to the business of straightening hair, the saying less is more does not apply. Firstly, you should start with clean, conditioned hair. Rusk offers an excellent line of products for straightening hair. If you decide to use a spray or serum to protect your hair, do not use anything high in oils or anything that promotes shine while you are using the irons. The oils & glosses in these products can actually cause the hair to “fry” & split inside of the iron.

Speaking of irons, you probably want to know which ones work the best. For natural hair, ceramic & tourmaline irons work the best. Be sure to get a size that is suitable for your hair length & thickness. When using flat irons, you do not have to start on the highest heat setting, in fact, you should not ever style your hair with the highest setting. Medium heat is the perfect place for a starting point. If you need to increase the heat, do so slightly until you find your perfect temperature. Also, do not try to flat iron large sections of hair at once. Smaller sections of hair will cause a more even result with a lower heat setting.

Notable Flat Irons
Pure Ceramic Irons
FHI Runway Flat Iron
Hana Elite Flat Iron

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