Stem cell technology has been showing great results as wrinkle creams but will it really revive a dead/resting follicle into growing hair? Your typical hair follicle will work in a cycle. It will produce hair for a number of years. The resulting hair shaft will grow until it reaches its terminal limit, then fall out. The hair follicle will then enter into a resting stage, usually about two years, before it will grow hair again. Those who go bald have hair follicles that got stuck in the resting stage. These are considered abnormal follicles. But also consider that the lifespan of your hair follicles are determined by your genes. Some families just really go bald at a certain age.
What stem cell research proposes is that stem cells transplanted in the skin will grow a new hair follicle that will revive and cause new hair growth. In a way, it is like you are reprogramming your genes to start producing hair again. This may mean hope for those suffering from hair loss. But take note that stem cell technology for hair is still at least 10 years away in the making. The scalp has a limited number of hair follicles. Once the hair follicle is dead, it will not grow hair again. What stem cells will do is stimulate the growth of a new hair follicle. This is like growing a new part of your skin. This means that even burn victims who never grow hair follicles on scar tissue, will be able to grow hair again by transplanting hair follicle stem cells.

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