The latest spokeswomen for the prestigious Carol’s Daughter Line includes singer/model Cassie Ventura, DJ Solange Knowles, and Victoria Secret model Selita Banks.  The reasoning for signing these women is because they are all “polyethnic” a.k.a mixed with more than one race.   They decided to have mixed chicks do the campaign with all different hair textures as the sign to embrace the future of “polyethnicity”.

Just wish they might have had a least one women with a deeper curl than Solange Knowles. I understand the direction we are heading towards, but at least consider the demand that is here now as well.

It’s like they said, ‘to the one race black women, you are going to be the past.’ So, lets just completely cut you out now, because you won’t considered in the future.

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The thelifefilestv followed Cassie to the Carol’s Daughter event featuring the ladies at Sephora 34th Street in Manhattan. They all shared their gratitude to the owner and founder of Carol’s Daughter Lisa Price as well as their love for the products they use for their hair types.

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