Everyone has suffered from split ends at some point of their life. This can be a frustrating problem. However, split ends can be treated and prevented.

But, before get to some ways to repair split ends, here is a video on the basics on split ends treatments and ways to prevent it by Youtuber tizzubestar.

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Tips to Remember


If you hair is dry, split ends have a party. Moisture is crucially important. Moisturize daily, co-washing every other wash, and deep condition once a week. This is the sure way to prevent splits ends to start.

Cut Them

Get rid of split ends by snipping them off before it breaks off. Understandably, retaining length is very important to many. But, it doesn’t make sense to keep the an unhealthy length if your hair is splitting. Cut them off, don’t worry, it will grow back.

The Split Ender

Another rave some have mentioned includes the product line, The Splitender, $59.95. They have positive and negative reviews on this product that happens to assist in treating and prevent split ends.

Youtuber Afrykah21 did a very detailed video talking about The Split Ender.

She mentions:

  • The unit runs off of 4 AA batteries
  • The hair should not have any knots in it
  • The hair should be straight, clean and dry
  • Work through the hair in small sections
  • If you choose to go over a strand of hair a specific number of times stay consistent to avoid choppiness
  • Replace the blade after 1 year

*the split ender can be used on all types of natural human hair so this means you can maintain your extension hair too!

In negative reviews of the Split Ender I have heard these things:

  • It pulls the hair
  • It breaks easily
  • It’s too expensive (because the unit is made of plastic… all as seen on TV products start out expensive… then they hit the shelves of every department store and BAM the product is reasonably priced (it only takes like 5 years)… funny how that works huh?? So if you want to wait a few years… LOL!!)

Watch her video below on how to use the Split Ender.

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