Black hair sites are doing the most and keeping women in the know about the latest hair trends; they’re answering questions related to troubled tresses and obtaining healthier hair. They turn consumers onto stylist/salons who can give them what they need, in addition to providing advice for do-it-yourself at home hair care. Social media is the new drum beating for the hair community and offering alternatives to trying things out at home without a solid basis for a good outcome.

Have an issue Tweet the question, or simply Google: “Black Hair Care” and you are instantly connected with stylists and lay persons familiar with your query.  For many, social media unlocks the keys to receiving up to the minute information, and allowing us to make informed decisions.

Five Things You Can Learn About Black Hair From Social Media

  1. Times have changed, but one constant is our hair is a personal thing. Whatever hair horror stories remain from childhood can get a make-over.
  2. The necessity of having patience.  Healthy hair and hair growth are a process. Don’t judge your hair by the hair length of others. 
  3. Own up to the stress you have put your hair through. The swims in cholorine filled water without a shampoo and deep conditioner, and similar offenses. There are plenty tales of hair woe on line. You can also find a plethora of fix-it stories. Do the research and you will find ways to make you feel better about your hair.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try a new style, cut, or color. With the apps available, you can try out virtual hairstyles.
  5. Be reminded by looking in the mirror how beautiful you are. Each of us has a hair story. It should include falling in love with our hair and passing the good vibes of healthier hair down. 
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