Today I had the pleasure of learning about a new strengthening technique that accommodates all hair types. From Curly Kinky, Kinky Coiled, Fine and Wavy, Relaxed or Colored the new Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System has a product for every hair type you could present.

Learn About Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System

The system works to strengthen hair and helps aid in the process of straightening, and elongating the natural curl pattern and texture of your hair. Focusing on the strength of the hair follicle from the cuticle cortex, DE’s STS’s active ingredient is Cysteine Amino Acid. This is what makes it a natural and nourishing process opposed to the Keratin Protein and Brazilian Straightening treatments seen and used in most salons today.

One major difference is that these non natural and very damaging processes (to most natural textures) sit on the hair follicle where as Design Essentials new system works within the cuticle and to the cortex without stripping the hair of essential oils and nutrients. It helps to restore hair from a damaged state from previous heat and processing treatments to the hair shaft. Design Essentials also created an innovated naturals line with products that have ingredients to maintain, restore, and improve moisture levels for natural hair. The idea was to bring the same level of excellence to the Natural clientele and appease the needs of the customer and the market at the same time.

Most of Design Essentials products are available over the counter and at local Hair Care and Beauty Outlets. I do recommend connecting with a stylist to determine which products are best for your hair’s texture and concerns. Depending on your area the new Strengthening Therapy System will probably be available in most salons carrying and using the Design Essential product line. Below is a link to the Facebook page of some product distributors in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. You can connect with them and find participating certified stylist and salons in your area offering the Strengthening Therapy System.

I would personally recommend this for anyone who has hair concerns and have various textures throughout their hair and individuals who are natural and enjoy wearing their hair straight, or work out often. This is also great for anyone looking to transition and not quite ready to commit to a big chop right away. The system is non-threatening as it last six to twelve weeks depending on number shampoos in between processing and is safe for color treatment just after two weeks of receiving the system.

See Design Essentials Product Line in action!

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