Shedding is normal and is not generally cause for alarm unless it is extremely excessive. Losing 50-100 strands a day is considered average. Hair loss that exceeds this limit can be easily slowed with the sulfur content in an item you probably already have in your cabinets: garlic.

Before pulling out the garlic, however, it is important to be certain the hair is actually shedding. Shedding and breakage are not the same type of event. Breakage is typically brought on by heat and chemical damage. Shedding is identified by the small white bulbs at the end of the hairs.

Shedding slightly more than the average amount can be brought on by stress, hormonal changes and diet. If excessive shedding goes on for months, do not pass it off as normal. It is important to see a naturopath to be sure there are not thyroid issues at the root of the problem. Some use kelp powder to help balance the thyroid, but a naturopath is trained in treating the body, in the least harmful and most holistic way possible.


A Solution

Garlic is said to provide swift relief to problems related to hair shedding. If your hair is coming out in clumps, you can stop the excessive shedding with an organic garlic powder mixed into coconut oil. Work this into the hair, and leave it in for 15 minutes before shampooing. Several washes may be required to wash the garlic scent out of the hair. Treating the hair with garlic is effective from the first treatment. Be careful to avoid using garlic salt in your mix. Salt is drying, and not what you are looking for. For those preferring to purchase their garlic treatment ready-made, there are available conditioners on the market with garlic in their active ingredients. The scent is not noticeable in commercial mixes, but these options are said to require more sessions for maximum control.


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  1. sewinqueen

    Will garlic oil pills work? Walmart sells it and if its stress,u shouldn’t it be handled from the inside out?

  2. Vissa Studios

    Yes, garlic pills will work and/or adding more garlic to your diet!!! You can get them from Walmart, CVS, etc… And if it is stress, you are right, it must be handled from the inside out. My favorite solution is just drinking more water, adding 30 min workout, and eating more fruits/veggies ~ all good for hair growth and health! Hope this helps! Good luck!


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