Black Man columinists, Khaya Dlanga, of News 24 is a funny man. I would not per se suggest these are the reasons for all black men that hate weaves, but most of them do fit the bill. Just so your know, ‘Black Men’, women wear weaves to attract you! Most men seem to like longer hair, hence we wear weaves. We do this for you! However, it does not seem overall appreciated.

Here are some complaints Khaya suggest in terms of his hatred towards weaves:

1: Weaves leave evidence.

As any criminal will tell you, no one wants to leave evidence because you don’t want to get caught. I know, it seems obvious but this is serious. This is why they will go to great lengths to conceal, hide or clean out any evidence that might cause them to end up in jail. You know how they clean out fingerprints after committing a crime? Fear of jail. They even wear hand condoms (that would be gloves to you) for protection. Safe crime if it’s your wife. They don’t want to be caught.

2: All weaves look the same to fellas.

3: You won’t let us touch your hair.

4: Forehead kisses are foreign to you, thanks to your fringes.

5: Guys don’t care about weaves.

6: You want a weave? Pay with your own money.

7: When we touch your heads, it has bumps.

8: “Pull my hair.”

To read the reasoning, go here.



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