Necessity is the mother of invention. At least, that was the case for Mark Townsend when his two most famous clients, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, were both headed off on simultaneous beach getaways. Townsend’s first concern? The state of their intensely healthy heads of blonde hair. “It was like hair-model hair,” he remembers. “And there’s nothing that wrecks your hair like sun and sand and salt water—it sucks the moisture out.” So Townsend set out to create the ultimate beach defense: a five-ingredient hair oil that would act as a protective layer between their delicate follicles and the harsh seaside elements.

“There’s nothing more hydrating than coconut oil,” says Townsend of the chosen base for his treatment. Next came macadamia oil, which has molecules “so tiny, they don’t just sit on top of [the hair], they penetrate it,” meaning it hydrates better than a silicon or thicker argan oil. Jojoba oil “is really just an emollient,” while the rest of the ingredients “are so full  of fatty acids and lipids,” they nearly mimic the hair’s own makeup.

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