When my sister-friend Dasha Kelly was approached by a parking enforcement officer, she expected a parking ticket. Surprisingly, the woman didn’t issue a ticket. Instead, she wanted answers about Dasha’s beautiful natural hair style and the captivating and vibrant shade of red that she plays with.

Dasha was more than thrilled with her double dose of fortune. She wasn’t issued a ticket and she was able to give out natural hair advice.

She explained that the cultural exchange has happened before, albeit not with someone who could cause a dent in her finances. Grocery store line exchanges, meals at restaurants, and being out and about running errands, have all provided opportunities for her to share her natural hair care journey.

The movement for natural hair continues to grow as brothers and sisters move past the implication that our hair in its natural state is a deficit. Afros, locs, braids, and twist-outs are showing up on social media websites daily in stylish cuts and colors.

Newcomers and those seasoned in natural hair trade technique and product advice become known as “go to” folk for inquiries on best outcomes with various grades of hair. Natural Hair Conferences are happening around the country as well, and people are showing up to learn how to achieve looks that highlight our unique brand of beauty.

There is no longer a need to fear water or sleep cute (propped just so) in efforts to protect styles that look great when one leaves the beauty salon, but may be hard to pull off the next day. A special shout out to those posting how-to videos on You-tube.  The videos allow those interested in making the switch with viable options that can be done at home accessible. They are free, which is an added bonus.

Dasha received affirmation and reinforcement of her beauty, style, and confidence, and avoided a parking ticket in the process. The movement is here to stay. You will be in good company should you decide to cross over and join #TeamNatural.

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C. Imani Williams, is a freelance writer and social justice activist. She works to bring about awareness and positive change. Imani's writing has appeared in Black Fem Lit Magazine, Alt. Variety, Teen Girl Talk Magazine, Diva Gossip, Hello Shopper, Geleyi and various other publications. Imani, holds an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction writing from Antioch University. The Detroit, Michigan native resides in So. California, where she greets the sun with a smile.

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