Natural hair care products are gaining popularity. New products are being introduced weekly with social media and testimonials complimentary of, You Tube and a good number of hair blogs. There remain a few staples that you can turn to in order to promote hair growth. They add moisture and contain oils and softeners to work with many grade variances of black hair.

Prices vary so do a bit of investigating on line before heading to the store. Many products are also available with online shopping. Compare shipping rates for best deals. Try and get samples of new products when they become available. Share your findings on Black Hair blogs so that others have a better idea of what to buy. Many black people are in places where there are no products on the “Ethnic Hair Aisle” of your favorite drug store. Getting honest product advice for free goes a long way.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer for skin and hair. When applied to shampooed and conditioned hair while hair is still wet, comb through hair making individual braids or twists which works out for a cute twist-out style the next day. For best results make sure hair is saturated from root-to-end with oil and lightly fluff and finger-comb.


One of the best leave-in conditioners for your money. Apply to wet or dry hair (wet tends to work better). Adds loose curl to hair good for brush cuts, Afros, along with twists and braids. If you are a fan of swirling edges into baby hair heaven for your daughter, a small dab of this will do the job.

This conditioner is also good if you are twisting up for locs. For maintenance, swab scalp with a bit of conditioner on the tip and a bit of witch hazel. The witch hazel will help keep dandruff to a minimum when you are starting locs.

Top 5 Curly Puddings

Puddings are designed to make hair sprout curls. Really there is a bit of mystique in some brands. Products vary in the degree of curl delivery. Combing hair through and sectioning it off, and adding a dab of pudding to each section before twisting should yield a nice curly look once it dries. When twisting-out make sure you unravel in the same direction hair was twisted. A little finger combing for volume and a light spritz of water, and you are all set.

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