Here are 3 natural recipes that all type 3 hair must have. Begin with washing her hair with a basic soap shampoo to cleanse the hair. Use a solution of one part of the natural additive to ten parts water to condition the hair once the hair is clean.

Lemon Juice

The most common additive is lemon juice, which has two properties that make it an excellent choice to add to the washing process. First, the acidity of the diluted juice helps strip the naturally oily surface of the scalp of the oils that hold on to the dirt accumulated from the polluted air. Second is the natural bringing out of the highlights of the hair for added beauty.

Lime Juice

Next in popularity is lime juice which is similar to lemon juice but with a different aroma.

Rosemary Tea

The third additive is a rosemary tea made to the same formula as the citrus solutions. This helps to adjust the pH of the scalp and hair and also adds a soothing aroma.

All three of these natural things can help type three hair to a more beautiful and natural appearance and scent.

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