Mustard Oil is useful because it promotes healthy hair growth by simulating the scalp. A must know about hair, all healthy hair starts with the scalp. This solution has been deemed a good remedy for hair loss because majority of the situations that are seen with hair loss, have to do with poor nutrition or diet.

Mustard Oil contains high quantities of Omega 3 fatty and Omega 6 acids. The oil also contains a number of minerals that assist in hair growth as well. Some of them are as follows: Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Proteins, and Niacin. The oil can also make hair stronger and prevent the hair that you have grown from falling out because it also consists of antioxidants.

One of the best ways to use mustard as a hairloss remedy, is to massage it into your scalp. Try to leave it in your hair for three to four hours before rinsing it out. Make sure you use a mild shampoo. Repeating these steps two to three times weekly will give you some amazing looking hair.

Another way is to condition the hair with Mustard Oil and to add henna leaves or Natural Henna Leaf Powder . When purchasing henna leaves, you have to make sure they are fresh because they lose their strength after a while.

1. Boil 1/4 liter of mustard oil.
2. Slowly add in a handfull of henna leaves to the pot. Or add 1/2 cup of Natural Henna Leaf Powder .
3. Filter out the mustard and put it into a heat resistant container for storage.
4. Add a little bit of lemon juice to make it into a paste
5. Massage the scalp and throughout the hair

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  1. Vissa Studios

    The thing is the mustard oil has a smell to it. There are a few things you can do.
    1. Apply and massage your scalp with the oil. Leave it in for 2 to 4 hours, then wash/condition.
    2. Wash then condition with the mustard oil treatment, leave in the treatment overnight then wash it out in the am, then follow up with your leave in conditioner.
    3. If you wanted to use as a moisturizer for daily use on your scalp, I would mix in other essential oils to lighten up the smell. Applying 3x a week will be fine.


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