If you are wondering about what is Megatek and its benefits, here is a brief description. It is a growth stimulator which was formulated for horses. However, it has been tested and proved to be useful for humans too. It stimulates the growth of hair rapidly without using any kind of synthetic oils, polymers or other petroleum based products. It also strengthens the hair and makes it stronger, longer and shinier in a short span of time. The ingredients used include hydrolyzed keratin protein, deionized water, glyceryl stearate, amino acids, peg 40 panthenol, marine protein, dimethicone copolyyol, magnesium citrate, allanation, polyparaben, frgrance etc.

While using this product most of the women do not use it directly. They dilute it to a certain extent with other ingredients because it contains excess of proteins which could cause dryness and breakage. It can be mixed with 100% vegetable glycerin or black castor oil. This black castor oil protects your hair from dryness, hair loss and breakage. On the other hand glycerin is very useful for providing enough moisture. Some people also use megatek directly on the scalp for deep conditioning. It has to be rinsed well after application.

There are several advantages of using megatek. First of all, it is a growth stimulator and helps you to grow new hair. Regular application makes your hair look longer, stronger and healthier. While using it with other ingredients, your hair receives the benefits of those items as well. So your hair will be well nourished and healthy by using this product. It is also an effective conditioner which can be applied to your scalp. Make sure that you wash your hair well with clear water. Many people have used this product and have reported hair growth. Some of them have also experienced hair fall. This can however be stopped by taking garlic supplements which help in preventing hair fall. You can buy the product online and it comes for an affordable price.

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