Have you ever tried eggs and mayonnaise mixed to create a hair conditioner? For some, this  idea may sound strange, but  this has earned a lot of recognition for the positive effects it produces.

The procedure includes mixing eggs, olive oil, mayonnaise and lemon in a small bowl.  Once completely mixed, lather on the scalp and hair thoroughly. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and leave it on for several hours over even overnight before rinsing. Never wash it with hot water, or else it will build residues. Wash with lukewarm water.

The natural ingredients and proteins are easily absorbed by the hair; thus, it deeply penetrates every hair shaft while moisturizes the scalp. This type of moisturizing conditioner effectively prevents hair breakage, splits ends, dullness, frizz and other hair issues. With regular use, like once a week, your hair can become more manageable, shinier, stronger and tangle-free. Many has said this formula has proven to get rid of lice and scalp fungal infections.

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