Blacked owned companies producing hair products are plenty in the cyberspace but not as much in actually stores. These companies are selling wide array of hair products like for washing and conditioning, for natural hair maintenance, hair relaxers and products to enhance hair growth.

Here is a lists of black owned hair companies.

Natural Oasis
Afrikan Republic
African Royale
Essations Multi-textural
California Curl
Dudley Hair care products (Really good, a little pricey)
Takedown Hair products
Karen Body Beautiful
Oyin Handmade
Miss Jessies
Carol Daughter
Ohemet Biologics
Jane Carter Solutions
Dr. Miracles
Adiva Naturals

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  1. arandolph

    I just wanted to inform you and your readers of this very important fact – Madame C.J. Walker’s historic company still exists today and has never stopped manufacturing all of the original hair oils! Please visit our website at to view and purchase the full product line. The website also contains valuable information about Raymond Randolph’s purchase of the original Madame C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company in 1985 from the Walker Trustees in Indianapolis, Indiana and how his family continues to keep Madame Walker’s “true” legacy alive. Due to our ownership of Madame’s historic company and the historical documents and memorabilia of the company, the Randolph Family can provide the most detailed and historically sound information about Madame C.J. Walker and her company by calling toll free, 866-552-2838 or going to the contact us page of our website.

    Angela Randolph

  2. philip walker

    hellow i am philip i am intrested in promoting your products im in school studing bus. mgt. and need employment im 45 yrs. old i have locks 14 yrs. old.the locks are 4 to 5 foot long and still grow daily i am approched by people everywhere i go, so i figure i should make some money with my locks.I have my own secret recipe for growth, do you have a job position for me?

  3. keandra ward

    Hello I would just like to add one more up and coming African American Hair Care company I am a technician for the company Influance Hair Care Products.. You can visit out website…….

    I have completely switch over my salon and clients to this product line not because I am a part of the company. Being a client and believing in the product first was what made me join the team!


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