By Tiffany Coates, Beauty4life

Being in this business for more than 10 years, I saw many trends, styles, hair and more hair. The lace front was the head rocker for me. Before the fake lace front took main stream in the hood, I took a class on the original lace fronts. For clients that suffer from cancer, alopecia or just plan damage from hairstyles, I blame a lot on fake lace fronts.

The real lace fronts costs thousands of dollars and your head has to be measured by your stylist; also color and texture are sent for clients to get an accurate fit. These bad boys come with insurance/contracts!

However, the fake ones…hmmmm

For two years my salon was located inside of a beauty supply store which was owned by Koreans. The lace fronts were flying off the shelves because the hood was buying and running with it! A few of my clients asked me about it and then I saw many women wearing it! Now don’t get it twisted, if the wig hair looks nice I will give a compliment when it’s due, but for some reason the fake lace fronts weren’t sitting well with my visual aspect of it! The celebrities’ lace fronts were flawless because they wake up with hair and make-up by their side, but now I see all my sisters walking in the street and it looks a hot mess! The hairline looked artificial, the styles and the colors were a bit much,  The way these women were pasting on the glue!

These horrible wigs were manufactured by the Koreans and the Chinese! The lace is not the whole wig, it’s the front part of the wig, and also the lace is hard as hell! Some of these women were even advised by their hair stylists to shave the front of their hair and use glue. If you only knew how many women came to me without any hairline!

Prices of the fake lace wigs starts at $35 to $400 and range from synthetic to human hair. These Asians know how to keep us coming back when we have don’t have any hair because we still need them. They have the hair industry locked down.

Have I ever tried a lace front? Yes I have! My clients also have used them but not with glue, because it’s not good at all. Wigs are cool as long as I and my many clients don’t have to lose our hair to wear them!


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  1. Tereasa

    Mary J’s hair looks like fiya!! I know what your saying, girls were making a fool of themselves rocking their wigs in the middle of their forehead! omgosh what a mess. I went to and bought my good good celebrity wig. I stayed on the phone with the rep for hours learning how to properly apply it. But then i just ended up going into the store. they did a goooooddd job i almost forgot it wasnt my own hair!! haha. now i love lace front wigs!

  2. debra

    i think you mad because your clients are wearing wigs and your not getting the business everyone cant afford a million dollar wig.
    however them sisters looks good with them fake wigs and i bet you do too.


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