Bad Boy Records has a new artist and this artist brought along a new look to the music industry. With her signature “tux” suit and her 1950s themed hair style, Janelle Monae has become a natural hair inspiration to many.
Personally I do not like the style for myself but she seems to pull it off lovely. This signature style of Janelle Monae is a simple flip and roll of the front section of the hair and pinned towards the middle. The back of the hair is then pulled into a French roll of some sort.

According to her personal blog, she answered questions about her hair:
“I do my own styling and my own tangled up hair! I can’t afford to pay anyone right now and I never like to inconvenience anyone I don’t have to. I mean I may not do the BEST job, but if I can do it, I would just rather it be that way…”- Janelle Monae.
Janelle loves to wear her natural hair in a protective style, but when she wears her hair down, which is seldom, her beauty really shines through. Her hair appears to be in the type 4 range. Want to see more of Janelle Monae? You will not have to wait too long; she is officially the new cover girl.

Ijanei Smith has been into healthy hair practices since the age of nine. Learning different techniques to gain optimal health to her own hair through trial and error, she aims to spread the knowledge with other African-American women who are struggling with their hair as well.

Her philosophy is “to know better is to do better,” and when it comes to ensuring she spreads her knowledge of growing or maintaining hair, there is no limit or trial she is not willing to try.

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