The past few weeks we’ve seen some very interesting weather patterns across the country. It’s evidence that the season is changing and it’s time for us to change with it. Whether we’re ready or not we must fully submit to cold Fall dewy mornings and the possibility of icicles hanging from the front door. No more daisy dukes or hot pants, now it’s time for Blazers, Sweaters, and eccentric Circle Scarves. As the season changes we now know that we must change our hair  regimen with it as well.

Here you’ll find great tips on how to care for your hair during these more dry months of the year.  As the Fall and Winter days come in like cold fronts in the late night it’s imperative that we act with vigor when it comes to moisturizing and treating our mane, especially those of us with natural hair.

Deep Condition/Hot Oil Treatments

Take the time necessary either once per week or once every two weeks depending on your hair’s texture and tolerance to fully immerse your strands and give them the TLC they deserve! This process will allow your hair to replenish itself from the harsh environment throughout the weeks and restore moisture and can restore your hairs pH balance as well.

Try treatments that have nourishing agents such as Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, Sage, and Jojoba Oils. If you’re handy and confident with homemade remedies try adding your own Essential Oils to your favorite treatment to add an extra nourishing effect. Apply and leave in for about 20-40 minutes with a plastic cap, for Hot Oil treatments leave Oil in hot water and let it warm and apply as you would the Deep Conditioner.

No More Wash and Go!

We must let go of the idea that we can wash and go like we did in the summer time. The colder air has an adverse effect on hair then the more warmer, humidity rich air. By letting go of the wash and go we empower our strands to lock in moisture and also protect it from dreadful split ends and dry patches. Try treating and styling hair at night and do light touch ups in the morning before you start the day. This could also save you time in your daily morning routine also.

Protective Styling

Most of us like to comb through our hair regularly and often. During the cooler weather months it is ideal to try protective styles that you won’t have you apply so much maintenance to your hair. Twist outs, Braids, Sew-ins, and up dos all count for protective styles. We must remember to apply moisture often so our hair won’t dry out while in the protective style. Constant combing and de-tangling of hair can add pressure to stressed dry hair; try not to add to moisture loss.

Try out these tips to promote healthy hair and scalp and optimize the state of your hair!

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