Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid is a supermodel, actress, and business woman from Somalia.  She was discovered in college and moved to the United States to pursue modeling.  Iman was eventually featured in Vogue within that same year. She has appeared in countless magazine covers,  features, and more.

She started her cosmetic line in 1994 entitled the Iman Collection.  It is now 25 million a year company.

Iman wears either a weave or a lace wig. Her hair color shades are with in the light browns, ash browns, and strawberry blondes with hints of blonde highlights.

Iman rarely has one color in her hair. She does custom mixes with her weaves or professionally dyes them.
Here are  some color combinations she might use:

  •  #4/#6/#27 (brown, light brown, strawberry blonde)
  • #8/#10/#22/#30 (ash brown, gold ash blonde, blonde)
  •  #6/#12/#27/#613 (light brown, ash blonde. strawberry blonde, super blonde)

The colors and mixtures a thoroughly dispersed to look like one color.

Tip: If you want to achieve her look, try bleaching your eyebrows to match the lighter hair colored tones.

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