Baby Powder is an amazing & popular remedy for natural Type 1 or Type 2 straight hair types or sweated out/oily weaves that gets greasy. Naturally curly or straightened Type 3 or Type 4 hair tends to not have that problem often.

Moreover, the method in absorbing excess grease, oils. and/or sweat with baby powder is pretty easy. All you have to do it rub the powder in your hair with your finger tips or hand palms. Then brush or finger comb it out until the baby powder is visibly gone. Do NOT sprinkle it all over your head!  The results are instant.


Youtuber AlisonsBeautyTalk has Type 1 hair and she shows the basics on ridding oily hair with Baby Powder. This method can also be used for human hair weaves, synthetic extensions, and wigs.

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