How to tie dye hair is a useful trick to learn whether you are a professional hair artists or simply looking for a unique look for your own. A tie dye effect on hair is an individual look that can be perfectly tailored to your tastes. It usually consists of three colours although more or less can be used.

If you are using a weave or extensions, synthetic hair does not take human hair dye well. It is better to use a dye designed for synthetic fibres, you may find specific synthetic hair dyes or simple fabric dyes designed for synthetics. Also, if you decide to use extensions, make sure you choice the lightest colors as it is easier to take on a color, other than that, you may have to bleach darker hair to get the color you desire.  It is always best to test the dye first on a few strands of hair. It is always better to start with a light or white colored hair to give the most vibrant final colors. Milani Color Streaks and Manic Panic Hair Dyes have cool colors you can choose from

Taking your hair in sections, dip the braid into your lightest color dye about two thirds of the way. Ensure the dye penetrates the braid by massaging and squeezing it gently. Allow the dye to develop by hanging the hair over a waterproof container.

Once the dye has been used according to the packet instructions, rinse the braids under warm water and allow to dry. Repeat the process with the second color dye, dipping only up to one third of the braid. Once the final dye has been rinsed, soak the hair quickly in white vinegar to help seal in the color and rinse again under cold water. The hand dipped style of this dying will give your hair a distinct tie dyed look once your hair are in place.

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