When people ask how to take out locs, they normally expect to be told about the big chop. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is possible for persons to transition from having locs without losing all of their hair. Admittedly, the process can be extremely time consuming, and requires the help of someone.

Tools can include a metal comb, water, a degreasing shampoo, and a conditioner that softens hair. The rat tail comb is the tool of choice for many, because its metal tail is easy to slip through the hair, and strong enough to complete the process. Some persons simply use water however, this often depends on the locs being removed.

The time it takes will defer based on hair length, thickness, and texture. In most case a few hours is enough but, some people can spend days getting them undone. Those who opt to have it removed by a professional stylist may also find it rather expensive however, this is not always necessary since the method is easy.


Some opt to soak the hair for a few minutes before getting started. After this, the hair is thoroughly shampooed with hot water, taking care to work the shampoo in. Conditioner is applied and left in, then the comb is used to loosen the locs starting from the tip, and moving up to the root. Condition hair again when process is complete.

Once ┬áremoving it is gentle, the process will not be any more painful than necessary. In fact, it does not have to be painful at all. Some hair will be lost, but only what is considered as ‘dead hair’.

Here is another method

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