By Ronnie Williams

If you have ever entered a Beauty Supply Store, you may have wondered “If all of these supplies are for professionals only, why should I even bother”??

Myth: Perms will only come out successful if you go to a salon.

Truth: Any one well informed and prepared can have a successful perm application.

Are YOU Ready??

  1. First things first, it is very important to have the right mirror and light set-up. It is crucial that you are able to see the front and back of your head clearly throughout the entire perming process.
  2. Before you open ANY of the products, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Perform the strand test on yourself. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP, even if you have used this product before.(If your strand test is unsuccessful or an allergy occurs, heal and try a milder formula)
  3. After a successful strand test, you are ready to apply. Part hair in 4 sections, careful not to scratch the scalp. There should be a perpendicular cross section in the middle of your head. secure the sections away.
  4. Base the scalp, outside perimeter, neck and ears with an unscented, colorless petroleum jelly. Avoid using greases with natural herbs as they may interact adversely with the chemicals in your perm.
  5. Mix your contents well. Start your timer, or note the time you put the first drop of perm in your hair. The amount of time you have to apply and smooth varies by product and hair density. Note yours and follow it.
  6. Start your application from the back of your head, near the nape. Be careful not to get any on the scalp. Focus on the roots only for a touch-up.
  7. Continue your application, working on the back and then moving to the front. Wait until the whole head is done to apply perm to the edges. Once the application is done, go over the head once again, going back to your starting point to smooth hair using the backside of the comb. Note the time.
  8. Wash perm out completely and apply shampoo. Shampoo hair at least twice. Apply conditioner and gently separate tangles with a wide tooth comb.
  9. To dry hair, wet wrap and sit under a dryer or blow dry hair with a low heat setting.
  10. Style and Enjoy.

**Keep hair wrapped in a satin scarf while sleeping to avoid breakage and keep smooth**

**These same directions apply for a relaxer or a texturizer. Tweak your drying methods to suit style needs**

Youtuber and Blogger Lauren Mechelle shows the right way to do a relaxer at home with one of the best relaxers out there, Dr. Miracles.

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