The Winter time is coming, thus it is time to pay closer attention to your hair.  As the colder it gets, the dryer your locks if not maintained properly. Here is a list of things to consider to maintain moisture during colder months.

  1. 1. Blow drying every day and room heaters are the enemies of your hair during winter season. The hair can go drier and breakable during this season. Try limiting blowing drying. The best may include air drying or low heat drying.
  2. Winter hats add to the damage of the hair and can cause static hair fall problem. If you prefer to wear a hat, wear a satin scarf first, then cover with a winter hat.
  3. Try to use a mild shampoo, you may even consider going for a baby shampoo as they are contain less chemicals. Do not over do with shampoos every day, it can really take away the natural moisture level of your hair. While choosing a shampoo go for one with essential oils or vitamins to get the perfect moist care. You can call them nourishing shampoo. Vitamin E is generally the main ingredient of this kind of shampoo. Some of them are even available with olive oil, soy protein and lemon extract. They are found to be very effective in giving moisture to hair.
  4. Give time while applying a conditioner. Massage the conditioner in your hair a little longer than usually.  Once in a while you can even try to go for home based conditioners.  Applying an egg musk before the shampoo can really do wonder to your hair. One can even apply olive oil and leave it for few minutes.
  5. Avoid coloring during this season as colors are known to make hair harsh and loose its moisture. Try to go for hot oil treatment once a week.
  6. Before going to bed, moisture your hair and wrap with a satin scarf to maintain its moisture.
  7. Intake of lots of water and green vegetables is a must to have a shiny and healthy cascade of hair.
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