The right combination of product, styling and tools can be a miracle worker. Here are some simple routine tweaks to get it just right:


Too much oil can weigh down fine hair and not enough can leave it wispy. To get the balance right, wash your hair every second day, ideally with a volumising shampoo and conditioner, hairstylist and Pantene ambassador Barney Martin says. “Volumising shampoos and conditioners are designed to either plump up the undivided hairs to give a thicker, denser appearance or create texture and hold to create volume,” he adds.

Conditioners can be quite heavy, so if you have particularly fine hair, just use conditioner on the tips and avoid the roots. If you don’t have time to wash your hair and it’s looking limp, apply a dry shampoo to the roots to soak up the oil and give hair a lift.



There are many different types of hair volumisers. As well as shampoo and conditioners, volumisers include mousse, root-lift powders and hairsprays.

“A hair volumiser’s a product designed to give hair extra body and lift, particularly at the roots where it can often become flat,” Martin says. “Products like mousse, hairsprays and dry shampoos use polymer technologies that help hold hair in place. When applied at the roots, these products can lift hair, giving the illusion of more body and volume.”

Other products contain ingredients such as protein that coat the hair shaft, giving the appearance of added thickness and body.

Mousse is a great go-to product for flat hair because it’s easy to use. “Mousses create texture as well as volume for your hair,” Martin says. “Mousse should be applied to the palm of your hands and crunched into damp hair.” Use the products sparingly to avoid overload.

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