how to get mermaid curls without heatUpdate your style and invigorate your look with this easy how to get mermaid curls without heat. A suitable style for medium and long hair, mermaid curls flatter naturally straight or wavy hair.

This informal style is easy to master, yet chic and elegant. Forget spending hours on blow outs and a fortune on serums, wearing your hair beautiful and easy as 1-2-3-4.

How to Get Mermaid Curls Without Heat

Step 1: Break all the rules

Take a shower, towel dry hair and go to bed. Natural waves and unruly ends are a mermaid’s best friend. If taking a shower in the morning is a must, blow dry hair upside down. Resist straightening with a round brush. Simply run fingers through hair and blow dry on cold. The setting will protect hair and preserve its natural texture, an essential for mermaid curls.

Step 2: Run a loose-hold mousse through hair

Detangle hair with finger or large tooth comb. Over brushing can damage hair, and free and easy is a mermaid’s motto. Work with the organic texture of your individual hair. This will not only help hair keep its style the whole day through, hair stays happy and healthy too.

Step 3: Starting at the crown, divide hair into one inch sections

Using a medium barrel curling iron, wrap hair around the entire barrel, starting at the bottom and continuing until the crown. Hold for thirty seconds and release. Continue curling all the way around the head. Then start on underlying layers, curling the same direction around the head.

Step 4: Finally, run fingers through hair, and spay on a light holding spritz

Mermaid curls should be bouncy yet relaxed. If hair begins to lose its curl throughout the day, just re-spritz and scrunch. Mermaid curls should never look perfect. They are best seeming unkept whilst remaining sophisticated. This is an ideal hair must-do for anyone seeking a gorgeous yet easy look.

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