Do you want to get into a highly lucrative industry that promises growth and creative satisfaction? Are you keen on exploring opportunities in an industry that has grown at a rapid pace in the last couple of years? The multimillion dollars worth hair weave industry is a great option for you! If you want to know on how to get into the hair weave industry, keep reading.

1. Focus on research to know the product

Before getting into the industry, you need to know the product you will be dealing with. Some of the things that you should be informed about include the hair types, lengths and colors.

2. Access markets to get supply

While there are many hair weave products that are available at a lower price, their quality is not really good. Notably, India and China are the two major destinations for players in this industry. You can target these markets for supply.

3. Target the markets for growth

To ensure the success of your initiatives, you need to be aware of the markets where you can enter. For this, you may have to establish contacts with wholesalers who can provide greater opportunities for sales and profit. You should also decide whether you are going to sell independently or through a retail store.


  • While finding a good wholesaler, you might have to struggle a bit since their contact details are seldom found in the yellow pages. As a result, you might have to travel extensively.
  • Moreover, you will need good networking skills to build a contact database that can provide you multiple benefits to conduct business in an effective manner.
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