When dealing with hair that is curly, wavy or even coarse it is often more susceptible to heat damage than hair that isn’t. Also these type of hair textures are more likely to be undergo straightening with an iron or chemicals than straight hair. To properly protect your hair when straightening with an iron wash your hair with shampoo that contains extra protein. Use leave-in conditioner that is specifically for curly, wave or mixed hair. Make sure to gently massage a quarter size (depending on how thick your hair is) drop of conditioner.

Before drying your hair apply a balm or heat protecting spray to keep your hair from breaking. Remember to completely dry your hair to keep it from breaking when straightening. If you are using a chemical or non chemical straightening utility make sure to strengthen your hair by taking biotin, drinking eight glasses of water a day and maintaining a healthy diet.

What can be done about fried over relaxed hair? What to do about it is to first start taking vitamins. If you are taking biotin increase the amount and water you are drinking. Wash your hair in cool water and use leave-in hair conditioner for heat or chemically damaged hair. When conditioning your hair apply a heat cap (which can be purchased at any hair supply store). A heat cap will allow the conditioner or oils to deeply penetrate your hair and roots. Make sure to do this 2-3 times a week.

Leave-in conditioner should be applied daily to re-nourish your hair. Do not overload your hair with products as this is only going to inhibit new growth. Remember to limit or even stop straightening your hair to ensure new growth. Take into consideration that diet is vital to developing healthy hair. With fried or relaxed hair your ends will need to be trimmed every 4-6 weeks to allow your hair to continue to grow out the damaged parts.

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