afro hair combHow to Comb Out the Kinks

One of the biggest mistakes in taking care of your hair is making sure it is combed out thoroughly during the entire hair care process.

Although this task may be a little time consuming, it’s definitely worth it.

Here are some steps to ensure it’s done right during hair maintenance. ☺

  1. Many of us wear our hair in kinky styles for days or even weeks at a time (i.e. two strand twists, braids, rod sets)When you are ready to change your style and wash it, lose it out completely with your hands. DO NOT USE A COMB. An easy way to make sure you get it all loosed out is to do it in sections. Using butter fly clips are perfect to make sure you can tackle each section thoroughly.
  2. After completing loosing out the hair, it’s time to wash it. Use your favorite conditioning shampoo to soften and condition the hair. Conditioning shampoos are wonderful because many act as a detangler during shampooing sessions. Some good recommendations are Motions Shampoo, Lavish Conditioning and Shea Butter Moisture Shampoo.
  3. When you have completely washed your hair it’s time to do a wash out or leave in conditioner. We feel that Leave in conditioners are a must and prefer them the most because moisture is the biggest issue with natural hair. Locking in a leave in conditioner will ensure it is treated with a moisturizing agent whiles it’s wet. Doing this step while the hair is wet is very important.
  4. Then you want to section the hair off in 4 parts. Two on top and two on the bottom. Apply the leave in conditioner with your hands only.
  5. After completely adding the conditioner from root to tip then you can use a wide tooth comb only to make sure the conditioner is evenly spread throughout the hair. Comb the hair from the bottom up to the top. Not vice versa. Wide tooth combs are more forgiving with combing through kinky hair. This is especially important when adding conditioners because many products are thick etc. I honestly advise to not use a thin comb at all to comb through your hair at any time.
  6. At this point you style your hair how you wish etc.

As you can read, it’s very important to be considerate of how you comb your hair through the entire process of taking out a style, washing, conditioning and styling. The biggest rule when detangling is to not comb the hair often while it is dry. Also be sure to comb the hair from the ends up not from the scalp down. Combing the hair from the roots down will damage the hair.

We hope you found these tips helpful.
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