The holiday season is upon us ladies. Do you have any holiday hair plans? Judging by the amount of money Black women spend annually on our hair, it stands to reason that holiday festivities are a good reason for hair make-overs.

Most stylists are very accommodating and understand the undue pressure we can place on ourselves between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It actually starts right before Halloween, when we want to make sure our kids are donned in the cutest costumes and goes straight through toasting the New Year. As women, we want to make sure everyone is nurtured so there is no need to feel guilty about extending some good will – warm fuzzies to ourselves.

99d7a148b2170f98224c0da43f539babConsider how and where you will spend the holidays. If a warm weather get-a-way is planned, swimming, salt-water, and chlorine may be in your immediate future. Consider, a protective hair style (low maintenance) and enjoy.For the holiday season a style that is versatile and can go from fun to night time fierce covers all the bases. Experiment and have fun with creating holiday hair that you feel beautiful in for all those family pictures.

Whether you have a creation in mind or will be picking something similar to what sistas on the big screen sport, this is something you do for yourself. Remember to be good to yourself. You deserve it!

Get your appointment in early. Seems everyone is at the shop when you simply want to run in and out. Well get ready for lots of people who feel just like you. Plan your holiday hair appointment in advance so you have a reserved spot. Be on time and still be prepared to be there a bit longer than usual. Yours stylist is probably working overtime.

A Final Word:

The holidays can be stressful for a variety of reasons. Stay ahead of the game plan for as much as you can and let the rest happen organically. The important thing is to take care of yourself and enjoy family and loved ones. Up your “feel good status” by picking out a great holiday style that makes you look and feel good.

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