The Herringbone, also known as a fish bone or fishtail braid, looks like slender fish bones.

Before You Start

When first starting to do this braid you may want to put hair in a low ponytail to the side to begin with.

Tip: The longer the hair the easier it is to do. 

How to do it

Once you have your ponytail in place, starting  from the top, separate the ponytail into two even sections. Now, cross two smaller pieces from behind the ponytail and wrap around towards the front to cross each other. Continue to do this to the end of your hair and wrap a rubber band to hold the braid.

Tip: If you want it loose, braid it loose. If you want it messy, braid it loose first, then shake it up. 

On Youtube, the company superstrandsltd shows it step by step how to do this braid. You will see close up on doing this braid precisely. Enjoy.

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